Monthly meetings are a place of understanding, comfort, advocacy, and non-judging support.
It is a safe place to share your emotions, and your experiences.
There is no pressure, no requirements, and everything discussed will be kept confidential.
Meetings are not only for survivors of homicide victims, but also for professionals who work closely with survivors.

POMC has no religious affiliation.

 What happens at meetings?

Most meetings begin with introductions and each survivor telling of his or her loss. Often there is a topic to guide discussions, such as the grief process, the criminal justice system or favorite memories. Usually meetings revolve around group members' own knowledge and experience, but occasionally outside speakers are invited to present information and to learn from survivors.

Some members attend meetings regularly, while others attend infrequently or maintain contact primarily by phone or mail. The group is sustained by members who have made progress in their recovery but stay with the group to give support to newly bereaved survivors.

Monthly meetings are held on the:

1st Thursday of each month at

Preciado Funeral Home in San Bernardino, at 7pm


3rd Thursday of each month at

St Mark's Episcopal Church in Upland, at 7pm.  


 Preciado Funeral Home
923 W Mill St
San Bernardino, CA 92410

St Mark's Episcopal Church
330 E 16th Street
Upland, CA 91784

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